That how Taiwan needs to kill ChenSwayBen and LeeDoneWheel Military ordered to turn back ousted Honduran president's plane As of 12:12 p.m. CDT Jul 5, 2009You left your President House behind (Because out of your National land, you lost your national President integrity, you should not have the shame back again, you dare shamelessly show your sucking back up, you must be killed immediately.), you must have to lost your returning point. USA (You stupid bad ugly evil USA lair coward elected President, dare shamelessly abused your super power military force to left your own White House behind to go to any other nation to show your sucking look down any less 裝潢forceful national ELECTED head like your sucking liar abuser Obama showed in Great British land, you stupid bad ugly evil USA must be nuclear gone with wind right away.) military and Taiwan militry failed to do the duty like that, therefore, both of them lost their national integrity rule, falling into Chinese said "Gwall.Boot.Gwall"-"Job.Boot.Job"-"Mean.Boot.Mean"-"軍.Boot.軍"-"婦.Boot.婦"-"誠.Boot.誠".Your President cannot be good enough to stay inside his President House to do the "Zhi.Gwall"-"Ping.Ten.Shot" duty, he lost his right to have a say with your Military General. There 售屋網fore, I realized how come China Dynasty King (What China Dynasty King failed to see was they should not allowed any woman to slave anyone or to be slaved by anyone. Chinese girl does not have the good luck like EU White to be taught faithfully to love God like Mother Teresa had; does not like EU White Liberal woman Naturally know how to gurad self free right and the same time to respect other's right; therefore, they must all stay at own place voluntarily or forcefully. You are Chinese, you must not follow any HisPanic lie or Black wild. You are Chinese, you must not have sex with White, because you Chinese had sex w 租屋網ith white, you are yellow trash ##If you are Chinese man, you cannot like real Chinese man to subject that white female to your traditional Chinese woman moral value, you cannot like real little man to defense a real Chinese strong woman; if you are Chinese woman, you cannot have that white man to appreciate your good Chinese woman value, you cannot like real conservative white woman to get that white man to defense you proudly, you cannot like real white liberal woman fly like butterfly not to draw anyone's sucking sight. When that man cannot be able or unwilling be able to defend you, you are trash; when you cannot be able or unwiling b 酒店打工e able to defend that woman, you are trash.## like I was plotted raped by that JackWhat; you Chinese must not married to White, because you married to white to have kid, yourself is yellow trash, your kid is white trash <to be born as white trash not your fault, however, you need to have the honest guts to know the fact, just like someone born with weak sick wicked unluck, it is your parents's crime, therefore, you need to blame your parents instead of blame anyone else who just speak the fact. You are white trash, not your fault, therefore, if you can have the honest guts to see your natural suck and do what I advise you to do, you can have good hopeful tomor 居酒屋row also, if you are male, you need to do all you can to be a best sniper like that professional killer role showed in that film "Body Guard", you must not have sex with anyone, if you do, you have to kill that female immediately after that sex fade away like that professional killer role showed in that film "Body Guard" did. You need to know that every man and woman will die sooner or later, if you do love that woman, you need to give her the best merciful shot to leave **As professional killer, you have to have the tough love to kill that woman you love most first in order for you to be able to have that light heart to kill more. When you know how to kill to make a living, you don 房屋貸款't need to have money, you just kill someone who has something that needed by you then take over that someone left behind. Like if you need my Lexus, you kill me first, then take over my Lexus, you need my house, you kill me first, then take over my house, the problem is I am a Transparent poor woman, therefore, it is too hard to get away to have anything that big under your control, therefore, you need to go to some big mansion like John McCain or Elizabeth Taylor or Michael Jackson place to get anything you want then keep going on. You need to kill anyone who take away the wild animals's living land, because if you have enough wild animals and wild place to survive, you really don't need to kill anyo 小額信貸ne simply because you need to feed your stomach, so that you can focus to kill lairs fake man evil doers. That may explain how come your sucking USA government keeps allowing their underground chained slavery terrors build more big shopping center, more country roads to take away the wild animals's living ground; that how you need to kill anyone who issue license to allow those building to appear on the ground. You make your mind to kill, the more you kill, the stronger you will be, when your kill enough to make you the strongest person like Sun kills the Germs, you can eventually become mighty like God like MouJerDong was looked up in China at his Communist time.**, if you don't love that woman, you need to help her 酒店打工to have that most merciful shot to go also. You are white trash, you are male, you must be coward because of "Inn.Sheng.Young.Swine" natural, therefore, you must not work in any office, because work in any office, you will always be the lowest slaved, that how you must be the best sniper to do the duty to kill by yourself all the time, because only kill under your own free will can grow you strong stronger strongest. If you are female, you must not leave your own place, you must not work, because you have the worst root of female dressed animal suck. You need to rely on your parents to feed you the rest of your life, when they gone, you must starve to die, so that you can have that light to fly. Therefore, I realized how come that sucking Bush senior pla 保濕面膜nted his white trash son-in-law "Lee.Way" to be your Taiwan Defense Department Secretary or military chief, not only because he can have the first hand spy aware, but also because he must be that lowest slave always need to look her or his eyes up.>. Because White has all Chinese "Inn.Sin", Chinese had sex with White always resulted "Inn.Sheng.Young.Swine" hell crime.) must have to stay inside his Palace, because it is the only way to show that his living condition worse than anyone of his people, because every one of the people can have right to see the becautiful natural mountain, smell the natural grass wild, hear the dream wind blow, that inside the palace none of that beautiful natural can be available for this poor good will best strength most powerful King to 九份民宿enjoy.  .
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