Shame on 胡?? and shame on "ChenSuiBian" "Dyo.Ren.現.Yan.". Therefore, you should know how stupid bad ugly evil for anyone to have asked or pushed "諸.Good.Liang" to take "Kingdom h 西服ead seat", forgetting Chinese wiser first mankind ability demanded "成家"-"Lead.Yell."-"Zhi.Gwall"-"Ping.Ten.Shock". 租屋Therefore, you China Communist and stupid bad ugly evil ChenSuiBian should know how come both MouJerDong and ChiangKaiShake isolated you Chi 帛琉nese from going out of your border to shame on you overseas. You don't even have had showed your ability to build your own a unified Chinese own country, 租辦公室how dare you think you can be any good mankind advisor to any other unified nations. Shame on you stupid bad ugly evil "Who.Jean.Towel" and shame on your stupid bad ugly evil "ChenSu 結婚iBian" "Dyo.Ren.現.Yan.". This may explain how come God allowing me - a weak woman grown up parentless homelessly to have had to experience so much hardship to earn my US citizenship to be able to wear Ta 房屋買賣iwanese Chinese American title to tell.Shame on against China Communist toppest free speech right so called "清算鬥爭 " immorally 封 my above comments(你的网?地址由于非法操作被封 ??返回 ) that I 澎湖民宿supposed posting in ; that so called 网?地址 numbered was assigned by them how stupid bad ugly evil those words have showed them committed "Huang.Whore" crime to do the "莫須有" "Yu.Ja(cket).Zhi.Jway" 賣屋China Communist should investigate who dare see China Communist toppest individual people's free speech right "清算鬥爭 " like nothing, who dare to do the "Huang.Whore" crime to do the "莫須有" "Yu.Ja(cket).Zhi.Jway" 非法操作被封 seeing China Communist toppest 室內設計party principle the power of honesty like nothing, and jail or kill all those evil doers that dare see China Communist like nothing in China Mainland web site.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店打工  .
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